Dr. Probe Documentation WAVIMG Output

Dr. Probe

HR(S)TEM image simulation package


The program WAVIMG calculates high-resolution TEM images from electron wavefunctions.


The output of WAVIMG is a list or a single file containing binary raw image or wave function data. Images are stored as arrays of 32-bit float, integer, or 16-bit integer values depending on the setting in line 8 of the WAVIMG parameter file. Full image wave functions are stored as 64-bit complex data arrays, and components of a wave function, such as amplitude or phase are stored as 32-bit data arrays.

When a list of files is created with the parameter variation loop function (see WAVIMG parameter file), a suffix is added to the output file name of the form ‘_###‘ for each loop, where ### is the loop index in a three digit number form with leading zeroes. In case of multiple nested parameter loops, the indices of the loops are added in reverse order to the image file name, such that the index of the first (innermost) loop appears at the end.