TFS Talos Arctica G2

Typical applications

The Talos Arctica (ThermoFisher Scientific) is a 200 kV microscope suitable for cryo-sample screening and high-resolution data acquisition. Main applications are single-particle imaging and cryo-tomography acquisitions. The Talos Arctica is equipped with a K3 Bioquantum energy filter which has power to resolve standard Apoferritin samples down to 2Å and ~200 acquisitions/hour is the current rate of collection in counting mode.

Technical specifications

Operating voltage 200 kV
TEM magnification range Up to130,000X with the K3 detector
(0.65 Å/pixel and 0.3 Å/pixel in super resolution mode)
Ion source X-FEG (High-brightness field emission gun)
Operating conditions Cryo / liquid nitrogen conditions
Detector Ceta 4kx4k 16M Camera with Peltier cooled CMOS sensor
Gatan K3 direct electron detector with BioQuantum energy filter
Configuration TFS Autoloader for 12 grids
Automated data acquisition at cryo conditions
Volta phase plate
Stage Cryo-stage with dual tilt holder
Computerized 4-axes specimen stage with ±70° alpha tilt
Software EPU, TIA, SerialEM