general purpose multi platform image processing tools


The iMtools software is a binary software collection and graphical user interface developed for digital image processing of electron micrographs. iMtools routines are written in the IDL programming language. A valid installation of the IDL virtual machine is required. Visit the IDL website for further information. IDL supported platforms are Apple Mac OS X 10.x – Compaq Alpha True 64 Unix 5.1 – HP PA RISC HP-UX 11.0 – IBM RS6000 AIX 5.1 – Intel x86 LinuX (glibc2) – SGI Mips Irix 6.5.1 – SUN Sparc Solaris 8 – SUN Ultra (64-bit) Solaris 8 – Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP. Tested platforms for iMtools are Mac OS X 10.2 – 10.4, LinuX and Windoze 2000 and XP.


The iMtools free version feature list contains:


  • import of various image formats (CCD images (tvips), Digital Micrograph 2.x and 3.x, FUJI image plate data, tif, gif, png, pict, user specified binary data, support of user defined plug-in filters)
  • export to tvips, tif, png, bmp, ppm, binary and eps format
  • group context: images can be grouped and commands can be performed on these groups
  • supports various data types and arithmetics from integer to complex floating point data
  • measuring and peak fitting operations
  • contrast manipulation
  • FFT operations
  • Fourier mask creation and filtering
  • geometric transformations (image rotation, scaling, cropping, mirroring, recentering)
  • image normalization
  • various complex data type operations
  • unary and binary arithmetic image operations
  • profile extraction in cartesian or polar coordinates
  • region of interest statistics
  • holographic sideband reconstruction
  • geometric distortion imaging based on Fourier space analysis
  • nanodiffraction from complex data type images
  • … and more