TFS Talos L120C EM

Typical applications

The Talos L120C Electron microscope is a robust tool routinely used for initial screening of a biological sample’s purity and homogeneity. The main application at the ER-C is negative staining – a heavy metal embedding of purified proteins at room temperature (see image). In addition, the evaluation of sample quality can also be performed at cryogenic temperatures.

Technical specifications

Operating voltage 120 kV
Ion source LaB6 filament
Operating conditions RT and cryo / liquid nitrogen conditions
Detector Fast 4k × 4k Ceta 16M camera CMOS (TFS)
Holders 677 Multispecimen holder (Gatan)
626 Single tilt cryo-transfer holder (Gatan)
Single tilt TFS
Software EPU,Velox, TIA