multi-platform tomography suite



tomato is a program for the three-dimensional object reconstruction from a series of projection images. The program was designed to address specific issues of the refinement of the reconstruction.It includes common approaches for the reconstruction procedure as well as a graphical user interface. It is therefore useful also in a productive environment. So far, tomato reconstructs from single axis tilt series. tomato is written in the IDL programming language which supports Apple Mac OS X, LinuX and Windows. A valid installation of the freely distributed IDL virtual machine is required. Visit the IDL website for further information.

The free version of tomato includes the following features:
  • import of three-dimensional data stacks in mrc format
  • export to mrc or animated gif format
  • multiple data stack handling
  • simple data stack manipulations
  • sub-pixel accurate cross-correlation alignment
  • interactive refinement of alignment properties (tilt axis offset, rotation, drift)
  • projection and back projection based on the 2D Radon transform
  • weighted back projection

The licensed version of tomato includes the following features:
  • refinement routines based on grid search algorithms and pseudo-projections
  • simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique


Author: Lothar Houben