general electron micrograph processing & analysis software

[A screenshot of Gempa running on Mac OS X]



The Gempa software is a standalone software developed for digital image processing of electron micrographs. Gempa is written in the IDL programming language. To use Gempa an installation of the license-free IDL virtual machine is required. IDL supported platforms are Apple Mac OS X 10.x, Intel x86 LinuX, Solaris, Microsoft Windows 7 and XP.




The Gempa feature list contains:


  • import of various image formats (Tietz .tvips, Digital Micrograph .dm3, Emispec .ser, MRC .mrc, FUJI image plate data, tif, gif, png and binary data)
  • export to Tietz .tvips, MRC .mrc, tif, gif, png, ppm, raw binary format
  • group context: images can be grouped and commands can be performed on these groups, 3D data can be loaded as image groups
  • supports various data types and arithmetics from integer to complex floating point data
  • contrast manipulation
  • FFT operations
  • geometric transformations (image rotation, scaling, cropping, mirroring, recentering)
  • image normalization
  • arious complex data type operations
  • unary and binary arithmetic image operations
  • profile extraction in cartesian or polar coordinates
  • measuring and peak fitting operations
  • region of interest statistics


  Author: Lothar Houben