Fee, Accomodation and Catering

Registration is free of charge and includes a daily shuttle service between the below mentioned hotel and the conference site (Forschungszentrum Jülich Campus) plus all Lunches, Coffee & one Conference Dinner (June 19th, 2024). The costs will be covered by the organizers.

Accommodation is organized on a self-pay basis. You can book one of the reserved rooms below using the code TENSOR (with only limited availability left):

Hotel Mariaweiler Hof Düren (via, An Gut Nazareth 45, 52353 Düren): 129 € (incl. breakfast)

Hotel Rotes Einhorn Düren (via, ALREADY FULL BOOKED

single room (new building): 92,50 € (incl. breakfast)
(Monschauer Landstraße 276, 52355 Düren)

double room (new building) used as single room: 100 € (incl. breakfast)
(Monschauer Landstraße 276, 52355 Düren)

single rooms („Stammhaus“, Head Office): 82,50 € (incl. breakfast)
(Monschauer Landstraße 152, 52355 Düren)


For further questions please contact our local support: Peng-Han Lu


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We offer a few slots (3-5 min each) as Flash Talks for participants to present their relevant work / seek for collaboration on 4D-STEM and 3D-ED. Please feel free to submit your title.




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