TFS Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB

Typical applications

The Aquilos 2 is a dual beam FIB-SEM platform specifically designed for sectioning of cryo-fixed samples, producing thin lamellae suitable for cryo-electron tomography at an TEM in an automated batch method. Updated with the integrated fluorescence microscopy module – METEOR system and CERES ice shield (Delmic), our Aquilos 2 allows for performing in-situ fluorescence microscopy directly on the sample inside the system and reduces transfer steps and associated ice contamination, simultaneously increasing the efficiency of the cryo- correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) pipeline. The Aquilos 2 can be used to cut “windows” in (biological specimen) so cellular processes can be subsequently visualized and later resolved three-dimensionally in their native environment.

Technical specifications

Operating voltage Field Emission gun with operation voltage range of 200 V to 30 kV
Resolution of optics 7 nm at 30 kV
Operating conditions Cryo / liquid nitrogen conditions
Features Automated batch cryo-lamella milling (AutoTEM TFS)
EasyLiftTM Cryo
METEOR Fluorescence module
Ceres Ice shield
Slice and view
Detectors Everhardt-Thornley external SE detector (ETD)
In-Lens Detection System
Stage Fully rotatable (360°) cryo-stage (<-170°) with Auto-grid pre-tilted shuttle and a tilt range of -15° to +55°
Software Maps including image correlation and lamella preparation functions
Auto-TEM for milling automation
Auto Slice & View for 3D volume imaging
Odemis fluorescence software (Delmic)