FEI Helios NanoLab 400S FIB-SEM

The FEI Helios NanoLab 400S FIB-SEM is one of the world’s most advanced DualBeamTM focused ion beam (FIB) platforms for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) imaging and analysis in semiconductor failure analysis, process development and process control. The FEI Helios NanoLab 400S FIB-SEM combines an ElstarTM electron column for high-resolution and high-contrast imaging with a high-performance SidewinderM ion column for fast and precise cross sectioning. The FEI Helios NanoLab M 400S is optimised for high throughput high-resolution S/TEM sample preparation, SEM imaging and energy dispersive X-ray analysis. Its exclusive FlipStageTM and in situ STEM detector can flip from sample preparation to STEM imaging in seconds without breaking vacuum or exposing the sample to the environment. Platinum gas chemistry is the preferred metal deposition when a high deposition rate and precision of the deposition are required. Carbon deposition can be chosen as well. The system additionally allows for spatially resolved compositional analysis using the attached EDAX Genesis XM 4i X-ray microanalysis system.

Typical Applications and Limitations of Use

The configuration of the FEI Helios NanoLab 400S allows a variety of advanced imaging and preparation techniques to be applied to wide bunch of solid state materials. These techniques include TEM sample preparation (normal- and backside milling) without breaking the vacuum, STEM imaging on thin TEM samples, slice and view operation (automatic), needle preparation for tomography, plan-view preparation and the preparation of lamellas on heating chips for TEM annealing experiments.

The FEI Helios NanoLab 400S is not intended for the investigation of aqueous, ferromagnetic or organic samples without further discussions with both of the instruments officers and the ER-C general management.

Technical Specifications

Electron landing voltage350 V … 30 kV
Ion landing voltage500 V … 30 kV
Magnification range25 … 650 k
Image processor4096 x 3536 pixel
Electron beam resolution @ optimum distance0.8nm@30kV (STEM)
Electron beam resolution @ optimum distance0.9nm @ 15kV
Electron beam resolution @ optimum distance1.4nm @ 1kV
Electron probe current≤ 22 nA
Ion beam resolution @ coincident point5nm @ 30kV
Ion beam current1.5 pA – 21 nA

Specimen Stages and Sample Loading

High precision 5-axis motorised stage 
XY movements150 mm piezo-driven
Z movement10 mm motorized
Tilt-10° to +60°
Rotationn x 360° (endless) piezo-driven
FlipStageTM for integrated TEM sample preparation and STEM imaging 
OmniprobeTM Auto Probe 200 in situ sample lift-out system 
Loadlock for fast sample transfer 

Gas Injection System

Platinum deposition
Carbon deposition

Energy Dispersive X-ray System

EDAX Genesis Integration Kit
Genesis XM 4i motorised SUTW Detector


Elstar in-lens SE detectorTLD-SE
Elstar in-lens BSE detectorTLD-BSE
Everhardt-Thornley external SE-detectorETD
External secondary electron and secondary ion detectorCDEM
Retractable STEM detector BF/ DF / HAADF 
Electron or ion beam current measurement 

Basic Electron and Ion Optics Set-up

Elstar UHR immersion lens FE-SEM column
Electron gun with Schottky thermal field emitter
Sidewinder ion column
Gallium liquid ion source