Quantitative 3D volumetric analysis

Quantitative 3D volumetric analysis of e.g. synaptic structures

Quantitative 3D-volumetric analysis of e.g. synaptic structures to obtain information about the geometry under normal or healthy and (genetically or pathologically) altered conditions.

The methods are established for human and animal brain slices, but can be adapted to other tissues or cell culture preparations and can be combined for example with correlative light- and electron microscopy or FIB-SEM (Ali et al. Glia 2020; Rollenhagen et al. Int J Mol Sci 2020).

3D reconstruction of a dendritic segment (blue) with several synaptic boutons (yellow or transparent yellow) terminating either on dendritic spines or the dendritic shaft. In addition, synaptic (green) and dense-core (magenta) vesicles around active zones (red) are shown. Taken from: Rollenhagen et al. Int J Mol Sci. 2020). Inset: Serial digital TEM images with outlined synaptic structures as used for 3D-reconstructions.