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operational safety and protection against accidents instructions

Owing to occupational health and safety regulations of the Research Centre Jülich, external users of ER-C recources are obliged to participate in an extended briefing procedure regarding protection against accidents at operational level.

To minimise annoyances coming along with this rather unedifying administrative deed, external users are kindly asked to download ER-C related

instruction sheets 1805-10-21-HN-001...003 (english version - 0.4 MB)

or translated

betriebsanweisungen 1805-10-21-HN-001...003 (german version- 0.4 MB)

and to complete the corresponding

instruction on industrial safety (english version - 0.1 MB)

or the

belehrung bzw. unterweisung im arbeitsschutz (german version - 0.1 MB)

forms, respectively, at the yellow shaded areas after having internalised the operation instructions in full details.

With your signature you confirm notice of the attached laboratory operation instructions which mainly refer to the ER-Cs electron microscopes and preparational equipment but also to minor electronic equipment, e.g. electron brains and printers.

Please be good enough to bring along the completed instruction form when paying your visit to the ER-C.

The ER-C is sorry for any inconveniences caused by this measure. Thank you for your co-operation.

For more general information on elementary security measures and safety regulations at ER-C, it is recommended that you read through the

internal bulletin on accident prevention (English version - 1.3 MB)

or translated into German

internes merkblatt zur verhütung von Unfällen (German version- 1.3 MB)

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