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The FEI Titan 80-300 is a field emission gun transmission electron microscope equipped with an imaging spherical aberration corrector element.

Characterised by an information limit well below 100 pm, the instrument was one of the first of a small number of sub ångström resolution transmission electron microscopes in the world operating at an acceleration voltage of 300 kV when commissioned in 2005. Digital images are to be taken with a Gatan 2k slow scan charged coupled device camera system. Specifications for the instrument operated under optimum conditions are given below.

Microscopists planning to use this instrument should contact Juri Barthel, Andras Kovacs or Andreas Thust.

Users of the Titan 80-300 TEM are kindly asked to quote a tecnical description of the instrument published in the Journal of large-scale research facilities 2 (2016) A41. when referring to the use of this instrument in publications.

target specifications
  • Acceleration Voltage
80 kV ... 300 kV
  • Information Limit
0.8 Å
  • Energy spread dE (FWHM)
2.43 / 2.93 nm
  • Optimum Cs
-12.72 um
  • Optimum Focus
5.78 nm
  • Optimum Focal Increment
± 2.44 nm
  • Residual Delocalisaton
0.047 nm
  • Chromatic Aberration Cc
1.28 mm
  • Gatan UltraScan 1000P (2k x 2k) charge coupled digital camera.
specimen stages
  • Double Tilt Low Background Holder
± 40°
  • Specimen drift
sufficiently small

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