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The Helios NanoLab 400S is a focused ion beam (FIB) system to be operated in dual beam mode, i.e. the fully digital field emission scanning electron microscope (SEM) is supplemented with focused ion beam technology and flipstage assembly also coming along with a retractable multi-region STEM detector.

Platinum gas chemistry is the preferred metal deposition when a high deposition rate and precision of the depostion are required. Other deposition materials may, however, be selected.

Specially designed for ultra high resolution TEM sample prepration, the instrument is also equipped with an integrated argon ion gun capable of yielding a dramatically increased sample quality coming along with the removal of amorpheous specimen over- and underlayers covering conventionally prepared FIB samples.

The system additionally allows for spatially resolved compositional analysis using the attached EDAX Genesis XM 4i X-ray microanalysis system.

Microscopists planning to use this instrument should contact Lidia Kibkalo or Max Kruth.

Users of the Helios NanoLab 400S are kindly asked to quote a tecnical description of the instrument published in the Journal of large-scale research facilities 2 (2016) A60. when referring to the use of this instrument in publications.

sem specifications
  • Acceleration Voltage
350 V ... 30 kV
  • SE Point Resolution @ U > 15 kV
0.9 nm
  • SE Point Resolution @ U = 1 kV
1.4 nm
  • Magnification Range
25 ... 650k
  • Probe Current @ U > 15 kV
> 20 nA
  • Image Processor
4096 x 3536 pixel
  • Max. Specimen Movement (x,y,z)
100, 100, 20 mm
  • Max. Tilt Range
-3° .. 60°
specimen stages
  • Five axis motorised
  • Fully eucentric

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