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Analytical electron microscopes are optimised for elemental microanalysis. The basic instrument hre is a Philips CM-20 field emission gun microscope with a side-entry double-tilt goniometer stage and an assortment of specimen holders. This machine can be operated between 80 and 200 kV in imaging mode. Electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) signals for elemental microanalysis or spectral imaging can be collected either separately or simultaneously using probe diameters from 6 nm to 100 nm. Diffraction modes include convergent beam diffraction for three-dimensional structure information and micro-diffraction with a minimum probe size of 20n m.

The instrument is equipped with an EDAX detector and a Gatan PEELS spectrometer coupled to a computer system running analytical software. This system can acquire and quantify EDX and PEELS spectra, generate X-ray elemental line profiles, and perform microstructural imaging. Data can be saved internally and exported in a range of formats to 1.5 MB floppy or transferred over a network. Optionally, the Gatan PEELS spectrometer is interfaced with a Macintosh computer running Gatan EL/P software. A Gatan model 673 wide-field video camera may be made available for dynamic in-situ studies and video recording.

Microscopists planning to use this instrument should consult Werner Pieper or Michael Feuerbacher.

  • Acceleration Voltage:
200 kV
  • Point to Point Resolution at 400 kV
2.4 Å
  • High angle energy dispersive X-ray detector with a resolution of 165eV for Mn K-alpha radiation.High angle energy dispersive X-ray detector with a resolution of 165eV for Mn K-alpha radiation.
  • Ultra-thin window energy dispersive X-ray detector with a resolution of 109eV for F K-alpha radiation, for elements with Z > 6.
  • Gatan 666 electron energy loss spectrometer for parallel detection with 2.0eV energy resolution.
specimen stages
  • Philips Single Tilt
± 60°
  • Philips Double Tilt
± 60°/ ± 45°
  • Philips Double Tilt Cooling (77 K)
± 60°/ ± 45°

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