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The JEOL 840A is a medium resolution scanning electron microscope used for conventional microstructure analyses. The instrument is designed for the analysis focusing on the physical and chemical microstructure of solid state materials allowing spatially resolved compositional analysis by an EDAX Genesis 200 X-ray emission spectroscopy system.

Microscopists planning to use this instrument should consult Eva-Maria Würtz or Wilma Sybertz.
  • Acceleration Voltage:
40 kV
  • Point to Point Resolution at 40 kV
24 Å
  • Probe Current Range
1e-8 ... 1e-12 A
  • Working Distances
8 mm ... 48 mm
  • Magnification Range
10 ... 300,000
specimen stages
  • Double Tilt Standard
± 60°/ ± 45°

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