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The JEOL 7400F is a scanning electron microscope equipped with a cold field emission gun and primarily to be used for analysis where ultra high resolution is required. Furthermore, the instrument is fitted with a combined in-lens SE/BSE detector system as well as with two retractable SE- and BSE detectors.

The 7400F is designed for the analysis of the physical and chemical microstructure of solid state materials at nanometre resolution. It additionally allows for spatially resolved compositional analysis when using the attached EDAX Genesis 2000 X-ray microanalysis system.

Microscopists planning to use this instrument should contact Eva-Maria Würtz or Doris Meertens.

  • Acceleration Voltage
100 V ... 30 kV
  • SE Point Resolution @ U > 15 kV
1.0 nm
  • SE Point Resolution @ 1 kV
1.5 nm
  • Magnification Range
25 ... 650k
  • Probe Current @ U > 15 kV
> 13 nA
  • Image Processor
2560 x 2048 pixel
  • Max. Specimen movement (x,y,z)
110, 80, 25 mm
specimen stages
  • Five axis motorised
  • Fully eucentric

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