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The ER-C provides direct services as well as scientific assistance to university research groups and research laboratories in industry in the field of advanced electron microscopic applications. The academic support of students with respect to the organisation and writing of Master, Diploma and PhD thesis is also an integral part of the ER-C's activites.

Owing to ad hoc development of custumn analysis solutions, research groups of the ER-C are interested in generally in assisting public research laboratories and companies in solving problems related to the microstructure of solid state materials. If you are seeking a collaboration partner with an interdisciplinary approach to materials science problems, please feel free to contact ER-C staff any time.

Detailed cooperation offers include:
  • the scientific guidance and realisation of research theses, i.e. student projects, master and diploma theses as well as PhD theses. For an overview on current research projects including current career oportunities, please visit us at the vacancies page,

  • research collaborations with research institutes and with industry,

  • the characterisation of condensed and soft matter materials using structural and spectroscopic analyses of thin layers and interfaces,

  • consulting services with regard to the applicability of microscopic techniques,

  • seminars and laboratory courses on electron microscopy of solid state materials.

terms & conditions

About fifty per-cent of the instrumental operation time is made available to the scientific community by the Ernst Ruska-Centre.

The utilisation of electron microscope resources together with an introduction to and concise guidance of the instruments by staff members is free of charge to universities as well as to noneconomic research organisations. An extensive overconsumption of preparational material and recording media is, however, excluded from this golden rule of the centre. Commercial research laboratories are asked for service charges and comprehensive in-service charge tables are presently in preparation.

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