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Dr. Probe


The Dr. Probe software is a tool package for STEM and TEM image simulations. It comprises a graphical user interface and a bundle of command-line programs.

Documentation is provided by PDF files, in form of "howto" text files and on the documentation pages of this website.

Dr. Probe (GUI)

Calculate STEM images, CBED patterns, precession diffraction, and electron probe propagation
(parallel CPU & GPU)

CELSLC (command-line)

Calculate object transmission functions from atomic structure models (single thread)

MSA (command-line)

Calculate STEM images, diffraction patterns, and exit-plane wavefunction (single thread)

WAVIMG (command-line)

Calculate high-resolution TEM images from electron wavefunctions (single thread)

BuildCell (command-line)

Create atomic structure models from crystallographic data (single thread)

CellMuncher (command-line)

Convert & modify atomic structure models (single thread)


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